What’s in a Name

This is an index for an ongoing series of columns I’m writing for CultKW, “an independent online community developed by THEMUSEUM in downtown Kitchener that aims to facilitate discussion around the arts and culture in the Kitchener-Waterloo region and surrounding areas.”

The theme is “what’s in a name.” Taken together, these pieces represent a train of thoughts related to current discussions about the significance, and the suitability, of names such as Dundas, Waterloo, Kitchener, Victoria, even Canada.

These are musings, not contentions. The main point is that stories, including national stories and stories of shared identity, can be told in multiple ways without straying away from basic truth.

There is, however, serious intent. Part of the purpose is to come up with some answers to the question that arose after witnessing the Kitchener March for Black Lives Matter on June 3rd: “What can a poor boy do?”

The hope is that, by tinkering with familiar storylines, we may discover pattern variations that will open fresh possibilities for imagining how we’ll deal with the challenges and opportunities that lie immediately ahead.

May 06 I am Groot

May 20 Victoria Day | Museum Day 

June 03 Solidarity March for Black Lives Matter 

June 17 Dundas Street / Old Highway Two 

June 24a Waterloo Day

June 24b Waterloo, Waterloo, Waterloo

July 01a O Canada

July 01b The Canadas

July 08 Towns

July 15 Islands and Valleys

July 29 Kitchener I

September 2 Kitchener II: “Kitch”

September 16 Work

October 3 Company

October 17 Ontario

November 18 The Lion and the Lamb

Topics for projected posts planned for the immediate future include:

Ghost Names of Waterloo Co/R

Ontario Nation


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